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Jim Tuuk - Co Founder
Jim Tuuk is directly responsible for the agency’s leadership and financial management. Jim also shapes the agency’s financial approach to building lasting client relationships. Jim is a seasoned finance professional (accounting, audits, taxes, treasury, compliance, etc.). He prides himself of being more than "just an accountant." Jim is a trusted adviser who understands small business needs and how to solve tough early stage growth and expansion problems. 

Jack Tuuk - Co Founder
Good marketing not only makes you the best choice… It should make you the ONLY choice! 
And it doesn’t matter if you’re selling retail, wholesale, business-to-business, or whatever. The new paradigm has been created by increased competition and confusion in the marketplace, which has caused consumers to distrust most of what you say in your sales & marketing efforts. And it’s not that they don’t trust you, either.
Kaleigh Nyenhuis
Power Profit Program Client On-boarding and Implementations 
Taleesh Manson
Head of PHOENIX ONE Development
Imitation is the best way to stay one step behind ,
Innovation is the way to leap ahead!
A List Of Industries We've Consulted With Or Had Direct Experience (so there's a good chance we'd understand yours):
Automotive: Auto Repair: Engine, Chassis, Drive-train, Hydraulics, Truck accessories, Auto body, Transmission repair,

Health Care: I.V. Solutions, Biomedical Equipment, Drug Delivery Systems, Surgical Spine Implants, Amino Acid Therapy, Chiropractic

Executive Recruiting: Factory Automation, Electrical, Power Generation, Building Products

Health Insurance
Emotional Intelligence

Ultra Energy Efficient Construction: Heating & Air Conditioning, Spray Foam, SIPS, Insulating Concrete Forms(ICF) Home Performance 

Home Improvement, Commercial and Residential Painting and Finishing, Real Estate, 
Technology: Information Technology, Global Networks of Super-computing With AI (Artificial Intelligence), Saas, Content Management Systems, 

Marketing: Outbound and Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Graphic Design, Sales Funnel Development, Sales Systems, Video Production, 

Sales Funnel Strategy - If you don't have one you're behind! Websites today are more like a 'brick wall'

Sales Funnel Build Out 

• Sales Systems - Start your sales process before you ever meet your prospects 

• Customer Retention Systems - what good is having a bunch of contacts if you don't stay in touch.

• ProActive Strategies - are you willing to execute?

Like-minded Businesses Who Deliver Additional Benefits 
CPA Accounting Firm
SmB Legal 
IT Services
(we're still looking for the right ones)
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